60V — 12A Lead Acid Battery Charger For E Rikshaw


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Output Voltage 80v
Input Voltage 230V AC
Operating Temperature 55D
Output Current 12Amp. Max
Usage/Application Battery Charger
warranty 1 year for on said for home
Battery Type Lead Acid
Capacity (Ah) 12Ah
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin Made in India   modi
Seller Warranty: All products across the store warranty.

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complete charger used for charging 4 Lead-Acid batteries in staring (48V) and 5 Lead-Acid batteries in staring (60V). This charger is specially designed for E-Rickshaw application with intelligent SMPS based charging profile. The charger provides charging current at very low input voltage along with attractive LED indication for showing charge status of battery. As well as batteries gets charged all the four indication gets steady. Along with this charger is having output short circuits protection and reverse polarity connections.


  • Charging Current and Voltage profile optimized for cyclic Deep Discharge E-Rikshaw application to enhance backup time.
  • Charge profile ensures maximum charge return to ensure longer battery life.
  • High charging current even at low mains voltage for faster charging.
  • High Efficiency with power factor correction to reduce power consumption from mains.
  • Electronic Reverse Battery Protection enhanced safety and avoid inconvenient fuse replacement in case of accidental reverse connection.
  • Informative Battery Bar Graph and Main indication along with audio alarms.
  • SMPS Based.


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