Lenovo Laptop Adapter 20V — 11.5Amp 230W USB TAYPE


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Original Lenovo 230W 20V 11.5A Laptop Adapter- (USB Type) Compatible With 45N0554 ADL230NDC3A PA-1131-72 SA10E75805 T440p L440 W540 T540p Series

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  • Product SKU: ADP-LEN-230W-USB
  • Category: Chargers & Adapters, Lenovo Chargers
    • Output Max – 20V 11A 230W
    • Input : 100V-240V 50-60Hz 
    • Brand : Lenovo
    • Condition : Brand new
    • Connector : USB
    • Warranty: 12 Months
    • company warranty

Compatible Part Numbers:
00HM267, 00HM626, 00HM627, 01FR046, 5A10H28356, 5A10H28357, ADL230NDC3A, ADL230NLC3A, PA-1231-12LA, SA10E75804, SA10E75805, SA10M42756, 4X20E75123 4X20E75113 4X20E75124 4X20E75115 4X20E75117 4X20E75122 4X20E75121 4X20E751144X20E75118 4X20E75120 4X20E75125 4X20E75112 4X20E75119 4X20E75111 GX20L29347 ADL230NDC3A ADL230NLC3A 5A10H28357 5A10H28356 SA10E75804 00HM626 00HM627 20MB001EUS 20MB001FUS 20MB001GUS 20MB001HUS 20MB001JUS 20MB001KUS 20MB001LUS 20MB001UUS 20MB001VUS 20MB001WUS 20MB001XUS 20MB001YUS 20MB0020US 20MB0021US 20MB0022US 20MB0023US 20MB0024US 20MB0025US 20MB0026US 20MB0027US 20MB0028US 20MB0029US 20MB002AUS 20MB002BUS 20MB002CUS 20MB002DUS 20MB002EUS 20MB002FUS 20MB002GUS 20MB002HUS 20MB002JUS 20MB002KUS 20MB002MUS 20MB002NUS 20MB002PUS 20MB002QUS 20MB003PUS 20MB003QUS 20MB003RUS 20MB003SUS 20MB001MUS 20MB002LUS

Compatible with Lenovo Laptop Models

ThinkCentre Series:

  • M80q (11DN 11DQ 11DR 11DS 11EG), M90q (11CR 11DG 11DH 11DJ 11DK 11DL 11EY 11F0)

ThinkStation Series:

  • P340 (30DE 30DF 30DG 30DR 30DS)

ThinkPad Series:

  • ThinkPad P70 P71 P72 P73 P50 P51 P53 Y910 Workstation Dock 230W US

IdeaPad Series:

  • IdeaPad Y900 Y900-17ISK

Legion Series:

  • Legion Y540 Y540-15IRH (81RJ 81SX), Y540-15IRH-PG0 (81SY), Y540-17IRH (81Q4),Y545 Y545-PG0 (81T2), Y740 Y740-17IRH (81UG), Y740-17IRHg (81UJ), Y740-15ICHg (81HE), Y740-17ICHg (81HH), Y740-15IRH (81UF), Y740-15IRH


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