NCC for hp Laptop Battery for HP JC03 JC03031 JC04 JCO3 JCO4


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NCC 14.8V 2200mAh Li-ion 4 Cell Laptop Battery for HP JC03 JC03031 JC04 JCO3 JCO4 240 G6 245 G6 250 G6 255 G6 14-BS000NG 14-BS000NP 14-BS000NQ 15-BW044UR 17-AK000NG 17-AK000NL (Black) 

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batteries are made from high quality parts and assured for its good quality, durability and performance

  • Capacity: 2200mAh, Voltage: 14.8V, Number of Cells: 4
  • Compatible with HP JC03, JC03031, JC04, JCO3, JCO4, 240 G6, 245 G6, 250 G6, 255 G6, 14-BS000NG, 14-BS000NP, 14-BS000NQ, 14-BS000NV, 14-BS000UR, 14-BS001NB, 14-BS001NE, 14-BS001NF, 14-BW005UR, 14-BW006AU, 14-BW006NF, 14-BW007AU, 14-BW007NA, 14-BW007NF, 14Q-BU005TX, 14Q-BU006TU, 14Q-BU006TX, 15-BS000NO, 15-BS000NP, 15-BS000NQ, 15-BW044UR, 15-BW045NA, 15-BW045NB, 15Q-BY003AU, 15Q-BY004AU, 15Q-BY004AX, 17-AK000NG, 17-AK000NL, 17-AK000NO
  • Compatible Part Number HP 2LP34AA, 919681-221, 919681-231, 919681-241, 919682-421, 919682-831, 919700-850, 919701-850, HSTNN-DB8A, HSTNN-DB8B, HSTNN-DB8E, HSTNN-L67N, HSTNN-PB6Y, JC03, JC03031, JC04, JCO3, JCO4, TPN-C129, TPN-C130, TPN-Q186, TPN-Q187, TPN-W129, TPN-W130, 919682-121, 919682-231, JC04041, 919682-241, 919682-421, 919682-831, 919700-850, 919701-850, HSTNN-DB8F etc…
  • warranty for seller company 1 year


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